Ever wanted the chance to work with a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer to help you reach your goals?


Have you ever wondered what you might be able to achieve on the scales, and in the gym, if only you had the right people in your corner to support you, guide you, and help you make the changes you feel you need to make to achieve your goals.


If the lockdown pounds are still hanging around.


If you've been feeling like you're just not making any progress with your fitness.


If you've been distracted by work, or the summer holidays, or trying to get back to "normal".


If you've lunged from one fad diet to the next, enjoyed some results and then found yourself back at square one again.


If you've never had any structure or plan to your training.


If you want to feel fitter, get stronger, and look leaner, then this is the programme for you.


Let's be clear, this is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all generic training programme.  There are plenty of those out there on the internet if that's what you're after.

This programme will change how you think, so you can change how you approach your eating and training.

This programme will hold you accountable.  No more shirking your responsibilities to yourself, or your goals.

This programme will teach you that you don't need to ban foods from your diet to lose weight.

This programme will teach you that improving your health and fitness doesn't mean sacrificing your lifestyle.

This programme will teach you that sleep, rest, and recovery, is just as important as moving, eating and training.

So you get better results.


This programme is practical, and requires you to TAKE ACTION.

Small daily wins that compound day after day.

Understanding your true daily calorie needs, and that you can probably eat more than you think while still seeing a shift on the scales.

Committing to consistency in your training, diet and lifestyle for long-term sustainable results.


To help you achieve your results through weekly Nutrition coaching sessions and twice-weekly Group PT sessions,

here's some of what we'll be working on.  Together.

  • Understanding your daily calorie needs, how to track your daily intake, and how to achieve results without excluding your favourite foods through weekly Nutrition coaching workshops.

  • Understand how to set achievable goals, how your habits and stress affect your weight loss and how your environment can dictate your success levels.

  • A training programme that works for you.  Tailored, progressive, and built around you. Two 45 minute Group PT sessions each week and a programme to follow in the gym between sessions to keep your fitness moving forwards.

  • Accountability.  A private Facebook group and one-to-one check-ins ensure that you have someone in your corner throughout, and a group around you that are all going through the same programme.  A team who is there to support, encourage and keep you on track, even when you have a wobble.
    Or fall off completely.


As part of the challenge, you'll also receive access to your bonus resources hub.

All the resources you need to succeed in the short term, and the long term.  This includes;

  • Ultimate recipe pack bundle.  4 recipe packs with over 200 quick, easy, healthy recipes for you to choose from.  You'll get access to our High-Protein, Vegan, Plant-Based, and 5-Ingredient Meals recipe packs.  Each pack includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, as well as shopping lists and suggested meal plan options too.

  • Our "Eating Out Guide" (for when we can finally eat out again).  This guide includes guides to high-street restaurants and take aways, and details my "top picks" from each, so you can still enjoy eating out, without derailing your progress.

  • Personalised Nutrition profile.  An in-depth look at your nutrition and calorie requirements.


  • Extra resources, team competitions and prizes will be added along the way, and you have access to your own Nutritionist and Personal Training throughout the challenge.


Work with Jo every Monday throughout the challenge in your weekly Nutrition Workshop to learn not only more about your Nutrition, but also about Habits, Stress, Sleep, Goal Setting and Environment, amongst other things, so that you can truly make a permanent and sustainable change to your nutrition and lifestyle.  No more yo-yo dieting.


Twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday you'll work with Stuart in your Group PT sessions to improve your fitness, strength, and stamina.  You'll utilise weighted and resistance exercises, cardio exercises, core conditioning and mobility to form a rounded full-body fitness programme that will allow you to finally break free from endless hours on the treadmill or cross-trainer trying to get results.


We'll also set up a personalised gym programme for you to use between sessions, after the programme or as a substitue if you can't make a session to ensure that your progress keeps moving.


Six weeks to a fitter, stronger, leaner you by committing, implementing, taking action, learning and having someone in your corner to hold you accountable (and also to hold your hand through the whole thing if that's what it takes).  Here's what you'll get;

  • A weekly Nutrition Workshop to work on your nutrition, calories, food choices and personal change.

  • Twice weekly Group PT sessions to get you moving better and feeling fitter.

  • An in-depth calorie and nutrition guide that doesn't exclude your favourite foods.

  • A personalised training programme that's progressive and caters to your abilities, time, equipment and space.

  • Recipe packs with over 200 meal and snack ideas, shopping lists and meal plans.

  • Bonus resources including eating out guides to your favourite restaurants and take-aways.


So here's the thing.  Working with a Nutritionist, working with a Personal Trainer once, let alone twice, a week, can be expensive.  We get that.
Maybe that's why you've never worked with one before, maybe you've just never thought about it before, or maybe you've just thought that investing in yourself is a little too selfish with everything else going on around you.
Investing in yourself is never selfish.  Investing in yourself to feel fitter, look leaner, be stronger, move better, feel a bit more confident is an investment worth making.
But we still wanted to make this challenge as accessible and affordable as we could while still offering the best challenge possible.
So here's the deal;
The whole programme, the full six weeks, the weekly Nurtrition coaching, the twice weekly Group PT sessions, the bonus resources
costs just

That's £33.17p a week.
Now consider that a single weekly PT session with Stu, or a single weekly Nutrition session with Jo will cost between £30 - 45 a week
i​f you bought a block package upfront, £33.17 a week for 3 sessions a week is pretty good value we think.
But we can go one better than that for you, because some of you will be ready to take action now.  Some of you will be reading this and thinking that this is exactly what you want and need, and for those people, we're running an Early-Bird offer.
So if you sign up before the 1st September, you'll get absolutely everything that we've outlined here, for just






That's fine, we all have questions, so here are some FAQ's.

Do I have to be super-fit to take part in this challenge?
Not at all.  This is a tailored challenge that can work for anyone whether you have never trained before, or train every day.  Your training plan will be adjusted and tweaked according to your needs, and the daily accountability tasks are suitable for everyone, and are designed to help you get the most of the programme.


I have a food intolerance, will I still be able to take part?

Of course.  Your nutrition plan will be tailored around you, so if you have an allergy, intolerance, or just a general dislike around certain foods, you're still able to make full use of this challenge.  After all, we want you to be able to make sustainable long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle, so there's no point getting you to eat avocado if you hate the stuff!


I have an injury, will the training be suitable for me?

Sure thing.  The training programme and training sessions are all adaptable and adjustable, so if you have a niggling injury, or an issue that means some excersises are off-limits, that's not a problem.


Do I have to attend every session?

Ideally, yes.  But we know that life can get in the way sometimes, stuff comes up, things happen, and that's fine too.  Of course if you can make every session, brilliant, but if you miss one here and there, you'll still have access to everything, you'll still have your nutrition plan and training programme, so it shouldn't stop you!


Will I get results?

Well, that's a little harder to say.  If you take on board all of the action points, do the training, and work on your nutrition, then yes, you will see results.  But if you only implement bits here and there, if you just turn up, make some notes, and do nothing, if you aren't ready to make any changes, then there is only so much we can do for you.  Like anything in life, you'll get back what you put in.  Just saying.


When does the challenge run and can I start at a different date?

The challenge starts on Monday September 13th and will finish on Sunday 24th October.  It's a group challenge so everyone will start and finish at the same time.  Because of the way the challenge is structured it's difficult to catch up if you start a few days late.